This was done FOREVER AGO. I just felt it was necessary to upload it here.

About Bella Cloudtooth:

This was done for my crazy friends at the Xtreme FusionFall forums. A User, Bella Cloudtooth is an OBSESSIVE AVID fangirl of our Site Administrator Xlr8 147. Poor Guy.

Everyone else chases after Bella, wanting to be with her…………and Bella Chases after him.
Its like a love triangle where one of the points literally consists of almost all the guys on the forum, the other point is the Rabid fangirl herself, and X, is all alone at the very top while me and another user Pistol Nitrochampion just watch the Chaos from the side.

After my first submission of Bella (That I didnt upload here) they wanted me to make one for our new forums, a seperate, more PG 13 and up version of our current forum board.

So I said…..why the heck not. I even went out of my way to do a full color submission.

Click to check out the Xtreme FusionFall forums

For the Drawing:

I fixed her face, did a full color rendition……………all in GIMP.

I want to go on the record and say that me and GIMP are just work partners. WE DO NOT LIKE EACH OTHER but we tolerate each other because I no longer have Photoshop and GIMP is secretly enjoying my misery.

So yeah. At least I knew how to use the Brush and Airbrush function in it. I just didnt know where the Stroke function was in GIMP so I just had to put a bunch of white crap behind the URL.

Who knew that would come out better like that anyways???
(did someone get the Rosario-Vampire reference yet???)